Guy de Rothschild

Former Pindar of the Council of 13, Guy de Rothschild is like any other member of the council, pure in bloodline.

13 Illuminati Bloodlines is a list of family surnames that make up the Council of 13.

Astor BloodlineEdit

Jj Astor Lee William b AstorLEE

Bundy BloodlineEdit

Jay d IIII Bundy LEE

Collins BloodlineEdit

Jay d IIII CollinsLEE

DuPont garloo BloodlineEdit

Jay d IIII DuPont garloo LEE

Freeman BloodlineEdit

Jay d IIII Freeman LEE

=LEE BloodlineEdit

LEE, Three brothers are the founders who is trying their best to be the best of the Bavarian occult know as the illuminati. of supernatural strengths while some other talents might also be discovered such as leadership and art skills, and also strong in swordsmanship.illuminati is on a mission to change and to make a better new world where everything is united, while working on building relationships with other elites with fxipbusiness, while trying to make balance at the same time. Always finding new and innovative, creative ways and ideas for a better future for mankind. LEE III Bloodline with capital but He has royalty, but with honor, respect, dignity, fairness, integrity, and most important of all LOYALTY, FAMILY, and RESPECT. Value is the KEY.

Onassis BloodlineEdit

Jay d IIII Onassis LEE

Reynolds BloodlineEdit

Jay d IIII Reynolds Lee

Rockefeller BloodlineEdit

Jayd IIII Rockefeller LEE

Rothschild BloodlineEdit

Lords Rothchild LEE's, Jay d IIII AKA Nathan Mayer Rothschild, 1st Baron Rothschild, Baron de Rothschild, Sosa s IIII AKA Gustave Samuel James de Rothschild, Baron de Rothschild LEE

Russell BloodlineEdit

Jay d IIII Russell LEE

Van Duyn BloodlineEdit

Jd IIII Van Duyn LEE

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