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Founder of the Bavarian Occult group, the Illuminati.

Johann Adam Weishaupt (February 6, 1746 - November 18, 1830) was a Jesuit and professor of cannon law who was tapped by Mayer Amschel Rothschild to head the Bavarian occult group referred to then as the Illuminati.

Early Life

Born to Johann Georg Weishaupt who died when Adam was five years old.  After being adopted by a fellow professor at the University of Ingolstadt, Weishaupt was forced into formal indoctrination of Jesuit ideals of Catholic global-Luciferianism at the age of seven.  After enrolling at the University of Ingolstadt, he graduated at age 20 with a law degree.

Founder of the Illuminati

As early as 1770, Rothschild approached Weishaupt with his plan of having a group of wealthy individuals--mostly his banking partners--that could help further the general agenda of the Jesuits.  Weishaupt became a fanatic of the idea, and by 1775 had an outline of what the agenda of the Illuminati would be.  Weishaupt was instructed to wait until May 1 before formally organizing the order, a date which is of high spiritual signifigance in Witchcraft.  On May 1, 1776 the Order of the Illuminati was founded by Weishaupt with the approval of the Catholic Church and the funding of the Rothschild family.

Post-Illuminati Activities

Intentional Disinformation Campaigns (IDC) such as Wikipedia will go on to insinuate that after an Illuminati messenger was struck by lightning and plans to provoke the French Revolution were uncovered, that the Illuminati was disbanded and Weishaupt disappeared, only to have a small influence by prodicing writings in exile.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  He left Bavaria to join Prieure de Sion, a group that Rothschild himself was debating on heading at one point, but decided that his efforts would be best utilized on the financial aspect.  Other members of Weishaupt's order carried out infiltrating Rosicrucian-like ideals into various areas of Europe.

Modern Influence

Today, Weishaupt is idolized within Masonic Lodges by high-level Freemasons.  His efforts into New World Order and contributions toward a Luciferian hierarchy have made him a hero in Satanism.  He is references by several singers who are contracted by a Rothschild-run record label.