Alex Jones

Alex Jones is good for those who want to know about the New World Order, but not know how to do a damn thing about it.

Alex Jones is the leading anti-government truth movement figure, but is a corporate cover and gatekeeper for Zionist Israel and the Catholic Church. He has massive associations with Zionist front corporation Stratfor. He also has associations with Zionist media supporters Michael Savage and Ben Stein. Jones will give mostly truths on his radio and webcast shows, but what he's leaving out by not allowing blame to be pointed at Zionist Israel or the Vatican is the reason that the CIA put Jones in place.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Jones is that "Alex Jones" is his pseudo-name; Jones is actually living as a CIA-trained agent. He is former entertainer Bill Hicks, a highly intelligent anti-government, ranting and raving anti-Christian comedian who supposedly died of cancer in February of 1994. However, at this time Hicks (also from Austin, Texas) began his indoctrination into being the future leader of the truth movement.

Jones is geared to accept the False Prophet when he arrives. Jones does not generally allow Christian texts or sentiments to be aired on his show, rather he will only allow loose references to Christianity in general. Jones will say that he supports Christians but ultimately makes fun of and alienates most of the callers that reference specifics about the Holy Bible.

Beginning the Conspiracy Movement

Jones came out of nowhere in 2000 to announce that he had infiltrated Bohemian Grove in northern California, and that he was exposing "global elites" for their worship of a huge wooden owl name Molech. Indeed, his video does show a ceremony that involves fire and the mock burning of a human being, but his obtaining enterance by way of just walking in and stating, "I'm here with the Bushs'." is extremely far-fetched to begin with.

Creating these videos helped Jones to gain popularity as the top anti-government "truth movement" leader, which would be key when the 9/11 attacks take place.

After 9/11, Jones was quick to scoop up all the conspiracy theorists and get them into his corner by producing well-funded videos, including but not limited to, the hit "Loose Change" which shows everything any educated person needs to understand that the official story that comes from the 9/11 Commission Report is a lie.

Once he had corraled the most vocal and progressive conspiracy theorists, he made several more full-length documentaries that reinforced his ideas, but never pointed a finger at who was responsable, only saying that "global elites" are pulling the strings. Jones will not point the finger at Israel unless backed into a corner, and gets extremely defensive if Israel is mentioned. He follows the ADL's ideals that anyone suggesting Israeli involvement is an "anti-Semite".

Jones is married to a Jewish woman, and therefore is automatically qualified for the "Right to Return" to Israel, where he would be treated like a king for being a Zionist cover-up.