It's easy to see where Egyptian culture originated from when you see this statue in the former land of Atlantis, now on the Atlantic Ocean floor.

Atlantis was a land that existed in the eastern Atlantic Ocean that was a center of Luciferian worship and technology that far outpaces today's standards. Its population was forced to live in toil for a few ruling elite that practiced torture and immoral sexual practices in their disregard for human life and the Law of God.

Atlantis was one of three major spots that promoted this Heirarchy of Luciferian living, but it was the primary "capital" of disobedience and sin. It was wiped out when the Great Flood occurred, taking with it the evil belief structure as well as most of the offspring of Lucifer's Fallen Angels called the Nephilim.

From Atlantis, many other Luciferian cultures arose such as the Maya and Inca. Spread out all across the globe, these cultures that today seem very isolated and independent were once all influenced by the great deception coming out of Atlantis.

Today, upper Luciferians teach that Atlantis is very important, much like any religious city would be adored by its followers.

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