A pro-Homosexual website created this image to rally homosexuals to commit hate crimes against political opponents. The homosexual social culture lives by a much bigger double-standard than nearly all other groups, religions or gangs.

Bigot is a term of hate used by homosexuals and sympathizers of the Luciferian Sexual Agenda. It is a loaded word, no different than any racist or demeaning term that attempts to belittle a person. With reference to homosexuality, the term is broadly used to describe anyone who does not go along completely with the progression of the homosexual agenda.

Dictionary terms define bigot as "a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions," showing that it is acutllay homosexuals that model this behavior the most. Churches across the United States are generally open and accepting of homosexuals, but among homosexual social settings it is only accepted to dislike Christianity and improperly label it as "bigotry," very similar to the psychology of a young homosexual child calling everyone else "gay."

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