Black Lives Matter, also known by its hashtag of #BlackLivesMatter, is a CIA conceived and funded movement intended to cause racial strife and division in the United States, concurrent with the Illuminati's "Divide and Conquer" agenda.

The group has a select cast of fake activists, or people who do not know they are being used to promote a cause of racial division.

Once a racially-charged incident has taken place anywhere across the country, the CIA pays for all of the #BlackLivesMatter materials, activists, groups and anything else it will take to convince the public via the media that racial injustice is taking place. Normal members of the cause are totally unaware of CIA involvement, but have done so little research on what is happening that they don't understand that they're doing exactly what the CIA wants them to do, help start a race war.

Currently, #BlackLivesMatter is being pitted against the Republican/Conservative white base who are pro-gun. Causing Civil War and allowing the two groups to potentially fight and kill each other plays right into Illuminati hands.

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