Cancer is a condition that cells can develop inside the body, caused by toxic material introduced to the blood. Affected cells keep multiplying without apoptosis (the process of a bad cell dying). It is most commonly caused by preservatives in food, ones that are placed there intentionally by Illuminati food companies for the purpose of causing cancer in the general public.

Cancer is preventable with proper diet, as well as being aware of what you put inside your body. Vaccinations, fluoride in water, sunscreen and radiation are other common examples of how modern humans can easily develop cancerous cells in their body.


Therapeutic Ultrasound

Successfully treating cancer is not difficult with proper equipment. Even in cases where tumors are deemed "inoperable," therapeutic ultrasound is able to use frequency waves to destroy the tumors. A machine with application capabilities of 150 watts per centimeter squared will do the trick. Healthy cells in the human body can heat up and internally boil when ultrasound waves applied at 180W/cm2 enter the body, which would be fatal. But pressurized cancer cells boil at about 90W/cm2 of ultrasound waves, making many simple over-the-counter devices perfect for treating all kinds of cancer. Your typical 1MHz devices work great. 3MHz devices do not penetrate as deep and are therefore not recommended. A device costs about $50-$60.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis or hemp oil is extremely effective at fighting cancer. Depending on where the cancer is prevalent in the body, you may need to go to a specialist to receive treatment, which is illegal in most states. Certain areas of the body involved in digestion can be treated by simply taking a daily dose orally. Please refer to a health professional about the level of dose to be taken.

Protein From Urine

Although it doesn't sound fun or clean, the process of extracting protein from human urine and using it to treat "inoperable" tumors is well-documented. The Burzynski Clinic in Houston is perhaps the most famous in the United States for using this treatment. This method is very effective, but extremely expensive.


Claimed to be Korean ginseng that is grown in a special blend of fertilizer, this is the North Korean cure, apparently discovered by one of their scientists in the late 80's. Taken as intravenous injections over a two-week period, the concentrate of the ginseng works to restore the immune system, curing all types of diseases. Impossible to know how effective this treatment is specifically, but cancer rates and deaths in South Korea are drastically higher than those in the North.

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