Fairbanks in an earlier picture before her breast enlargement surgery and restyling of her hair.

Cassandra Fairbanks, who goes by the Twitter handle of @CassandraRules, is an Occultist and CIA informant who is outwardly a human rights activist. Her sole purpose is to inflame race bases by pandering to those opposed to police and create division that is concurrent with Illuminati 'Divide on Conquer' agenda.

Fairbanks will only retweet or promote sentiments that echo police brutality and violence, inflaming protesters to riot. Her attractiveness and sexuality are used to gain the largest number of followers possible. She is also a part of the Operation Ferguson CIA movement.

NOTE:(1/16/2016) Fairbanks and/or her handlers have made an effort to attempt to distance herself from being so outwardly sexual. You will now see her dressed more modest and appearing to be much more lax and retweeting a much greater variety of things, mostly from being called out by this site.

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