Christian - Muslin Relations are currently on rocky ground and very unstable. A growing feeling among Christians is that Muslims extremist groups are a direct hostile threat. A growing feeling among Muslims is that Christians are becoming over-judgmental and have begun to discriminate Muslims for nothing.

So who is right? Is one particular religion right while the other is wrong? Many people will claim to know the answer. but very few of those will promote the truth.

To find the truth, it is entirely necessary to examine the past and see how the foundation for these groups was laid. Let's now take a look back over time and look for answers.

Early Religion

In the days of early Babylon, evil had already been present in the world for some time. There was no labeled "religion," you either followed God or you didn't. Some of the practitioners wanted to celebrate and acknowledge God in a defined way, so they came up with some standard practices and called themselves Jewish.

Once Judaism had formed and had a following, many evil practices emerged from the set of religious standards. Jewish Mysticism was born, which was known to insiders as Babylonian Witchcraft. This practice, which is now simply known as Witchcraft, was centered around sun worship. It would also give a bad name to Judaism.

Evolution of Witchcraft

Jews would go on to make the Kabbalah and the Talmud, both items that promote elements of Witchcraft in very subtle ways. As the ideas of sun worship spread, Hinduism and Buddhism took elements of Witchcraft and came up with a new set of worship standards that were completely contrary to what God wanted; not contrary to the Jews, remember that everyone who was a follower of God in those days identified themselves as such, much different from today.

People who practiced Witchcraft were enabled with powers by Lucifer, giving the initiate a feeling of power and rebellion to God, the very essence of sin.

Jewish Forsaking

After the Jews had been freed from Egypt by Moses, God kept them alive in the desert. When they returned to Israel, they angered God by abandoning his ways, and were no longer his "chosen" or "favored" people. They were at one time, but no longer.


One of the most important and hotly debated things that Jesus said when on earth was from Matthew 16:18. "And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

Jesus makes a statement to Peter, that in relation to him, a church would be built by Jesus. Catholic interpretations wrongly attempt to insinuate that this is the basis for the creation of the Catholic Church. Nowhere in any text before or after does it mention anything about making any literal building or starting a movement. This statement simply says that Jesus will be in Peter's heart, or anyone that chooses to let Jesus "build a church" in their lives.

This verse is drilled into Catholics as proof that they are somehow a favored or preferred religion, which should be an immediate red flag to anyone. Catholics generally cannot defend this point and become enraged when faced with the idea that the verse isn't about Catholicism, and go into a pre-programmed defense mode where they simply repeat that "the rock is the Catholic Church."

ARTICLE INCOMPLETE. More coming soon.

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