Concerned Student 1950 is a race club at the University of Missouri, started and maintained by the #BlackLivesMatter CIA movement.

Initiates into the group are unaware that the CIA started the group, and that the CIA completely funds them. The group's agenda about who to target while protesting and what their political stances are, are all controlled by approved handlers of the group as well.

1950 represents the year that black students were first allowed to attend the University of Missouri. The CIA wants group initiates living in the past and bringing up past race issues and relations as a context for what should be happening now.

Feminist Group and Goals

The group appears to be dominated in membership by Feminists, highly trained at manipulation, all while being backed by the same government entities that want them in jail. Perhaps nothing is more telling of this fact than two of its leaders being Melissa Click and Janna Basler. Click is famous for assaulting an Asian-American student while he was taking pictures.

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