Capstone at the DIA

Denver International Airport is an airport several minutes outside of the city of Denver, Colorado. Its messages to the public from blatant items such as a Freemasonic capstone in the airport's main terminal, also called the "Great Hall" (what Masons commonly refer to as their meeting place) to the subtile yet frightening pieces of artwork with a very clearly engineered message and tone, the airport is an obvious tribute to the New World Order agenda, and possible headquarters of a regional New World Order area or district. This would make sense as well, as it is close to the geographic center of the USA.

Becuase of its irrational budget, ongoing construction that never ends and its poor location logistically as far as the city of Denver is concerned, it intially raised eyebrows with regards to it also operating as a multi-level base for the US government. It has even been the central theme of the popular Reptilian Intentional Disinformation Campaign (IDC). There may or may not be genetic engineering taking place, among other top secret militarty activity, as well as possible travel to other Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.).