One of the more popular depictions of the false theory of evolution.

Evolution is a false theory on the origins of human beings, and can at its roots be classified as an Intentional Disinformation Campaign (IDC). Evolution was made popular becuase of Charles Darwin, a man who actually retracted the bulk of his conclusions before he died, citing his belief in the Holy Bible. Darwin claimed that instead of the story of creation from the Bible, human kind likely "evolved" over millions of years, gradually, from an unintelligent primate into a profoundly intelligent human of today.

One of the main problems with the theory today is that is maintains some of its core evidenve on work that was disproven in the 1800's. Today in major colleges and universities across the United States, the theories of evolution are being pushed in ciriculum depite the fact there remains avtive evidence that completely disproves the theory.

As explained be the website "":

Throughout the 1900's there have been numerous trials regarding teaching of evolution, creationism or both in the public schools. The Creationists have always fought to have the Theory of Evolution taught as THEORY, not fact, since it truly is only a theory to this day. The evolutionists on the other hand have always fought to have creationism NOT MENTIONED AT ALL in the schools. They have always refused to have creationism taught as an alternative to evolution. Since many people group creationism into a religious category, and religion was not to be taught in the public schools, evolution came out on top as what was to be taught to children in the public schools. The crime of the matter is that it is taught in the schools without mention of creation as a possible alternative, children assume it is fact. In addition, the theory of evolution has been taught as fact in every other branch of knowledge in the world, to the point where you may be laughed at or even refused funding (in the case of scientists) if you do not believe in the theory.

It's been over 150 years since the theory of evolution was proposed and promoted throughout the world, yet to this day we know little more about the origin of species then we did then, and the proofs mentioned above have been thrown out by most evolutionists. And despite all of the facts against each evolutionist argument, the evolutionists continue to grasp at straws and blindly accept a theory which is CLEARLY not fact. Many do this simply because they refuse to believe the alternative (creation), or because they fear to be at odds with their colleagues.