The symbol of feminism and complete destruction of family life.

Feminism is a form of Luciferian rebellion against God, in which women are encouraged to reject the Holy Bible and the family structure in favor of a lifestyle that enables a woman to assume a man's role.

It is the most common cause of homosexuality in non-molested children.

Primary brainwashing techniques include repeatedly using false statistics indicating that women are constantly being treated unfairly. From the skewed National Institute of Justice survey that the "1 in 4" argument comes from (that included unwelcome kissing and consensual sexual encounters while intoxicated) to the false claim of wage gap that actually represents overall total earnings, data that supports feminist arguments is always cherry-picked from lopsided data sources and then manipulated further for maximum political gain.

Top modern Feminists include Hillary Clinton, Whoopi Goldberg, Madonna and Ellen Degeneres among others.

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