The logo of freemasonry, it is debated as to whether the "G" stands for their god which is Lucifer, or "Gilgamesh" which was another name for Nimrod, king of Babylon.

Freemasonry is a modern cult of Witchcraft whose true intentions are kept secret from initiates and those who are below the 33rd degree. A Freemasons initiation ceremony mimics Witchcraft verbatim, even down to the specific words the initiate says.

Openly and outwardly, Freemasonry is a fraternal order of men who are leaders of their communities and share common interests with one another in a way that involves God; you cannot be an athiest and be involved in Freemasonry.

But it's what the lower ranks in the order do not know that acts as the best shield for their overall intentions. After all, someone who genuinely believes that what they are involved in are going to represent the cause publicly very well.

Becoming a 33 DegreeEdit

When you become a 33rd degree freemason, you are led into a room. You are given an item of whatever particular religious diety you believe in (in the case of Christianity you might be given a cross or a copy of the Holy Bible). You are then told to spit on it, throw it on the ground, or degrade it in some way.

If you do not do what you are told - If you refuse to desecrate the item and will not comply because of your respect for your religion, you will be told, "Congradulations, you have made the correct choice. You are now a 33rd degree freemason." This will be as far as this initiate will ever advance, permanently, forever.

If you do what you are told - If you comply with the request, and deface the item by doing what was requested of you, you will be told, "Congradulations, you have made the correct choice. You are now a 33rd degree freemason." What is different, however, is that this initiate will be allowed to andvance into higher degrees of Freemasonry, those reserved for the Occult, and those who participate with the working knowledge that they are advancing Luciferian agenda on the population.