Goths are a very confused group of generally socially rejected people who enjoy the attention that comes along with being what they perceive to be not what society wants them to be.

Goths are a social group engineered by the Jesuit order that are conditioned to accept the religion and goals of Luciferians. While generally people in this group are considered social rejects, it is not exclusive factor.

While there remains a disputed and open interpenetration of what exactly defines a person as Goth, their are many consistent physical traits you must exhibit as well as the general disdain for any type of religion. The political structure most commonly embraced by Goths is Anarchy, although some will try to embrace what they believe is a more educated approach by supporting Communism.

Goths are not considered to be a generally dangerous or threatening group, but their main function as it relates to the Satanic Hierarchy is to consume as many children into its ideals as possible, riding the momentum of anti-Christian sentiment that Luciferian interests currently push. Many young and unsuspecting children who rebel from the authority of their parents, end up with groups of Goths as friends, indoctrinating them to a lifetime of anti-Christian ideals that will forever shatter their social advancement and likely lead to a lifetime of alcohol and drug abuse.