Main subject of the New Testament, Jesus Christ

Holy Bible is a book of writings from 40 different authors over a 1.600 year period that is believed to be the Word of God; God's offering of communication to humankind that explains who He is and directions on how to live happy and fulfilling lives. It also explains why everything in the world is going the way it is, and it prepares you for what is getting ready to happen with the False Prophet .

The Bible is the constant subject of being misconceptionalized by the media and other Luciferian groups in general. By convincing growing numbers of youth across the world of inaccuracies involving the Bible, Luciferians have led an effective campaign to win souls for Lucifer, or people who will not experience God's gift of everlasting life.

It is widely understood that the Holy Bible is a book from God, rather than being compartmentalized as part of "Christian theology".