Satanist Aleister Crowley wrote about wanting to destroy the family structure with a created Homosexual Agenda.

Homosexual Agenda is the intentional demoralizing plan to indoctrinate people into the acceptance of sodomy and homosexuality worldwide.  Luciferians like Aleister Crowley have talked about the importance of a Homosexual Agenda in destroying family structure.

The Homosexual Agenda is a part of the greater Luciferian Sexual Agenda.

Convincing Society that Homosexuals are Oppressed

Just as with any group that the Satanic hierarchy is attempting to promote, the public must first be somehow convinced that homosexuality is an oppressed group who is striving for equality.  By use of the media, homosexuals are glorified and any case in which a gay person is mistreated slightly. The incident is then reported as a complete social injustice.