Homosexuals have emerged all over the world at the same time, showing that there is general organization by a well funded and capable group of furthering the Homosexual Agenda.

Homosexuals are a social group of people who have openly announced (or "come out") that they prefer sexual contact with those of the same sex. Homosexual social standards or gay society in its modern form of fads, trends, and witty, quick-hitting style humor, is currently controlled by Zionist Israel. Growing numbers of homosexuals worldwide is explained by the Homosexual Agenda, which is the first phase of the Luciferian Sexual Agenda.

While homosexuality is considered a sin in the Holy Bible, it is just that; a sin. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that gays are "condemned to hell" or any of the other extreme view promoted by anti-Christian groups. While many denominations and churches remain judgemental toward homosexuals, true Bible principals and teachings of Jesus show that homosexuals should be accepted and cared for like anyone else.

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