Hurricane Katrina August 25th, 2005

A storm in 2005 that was destructive in the Gulf of Mexico, particularly to areas like New Orleans, Louisiana and Boloxi, Mississippi.


Hurricane Katrina Makes Landfall

Aftermath of Katrina

Eric Arceneaux, a survivor of the floods, says that after the moderatly damaging hurricane was over, the sun came out. "In fact we went to sleep, cause we stayed up all night worrying." He was woken from his nap by his mother who explained that he had to move his car because the water was rising.

Industrial Canal Levee (A Levee is somethng that is meant to stop the overflow of rivers)
Well after Hurricane Katrina had come and gone, major areas of New Orleans levees that had already reported the need for repair work, were intentially blown out by the Army Corps of Engineers in an effort to flood the poor areas of the city, rather than the wealthier areas. Among the destroyed areas is the Industrial Canal Levee, which was blown out between Florida Avenue and Claiborne Avenue. The flooding from this explosion destroyed the Ninth Ward.