Wikipedia is the most well-visible example of an Intentional Disinformation Campaign.

Intentional Disinformation Campaign (IDC) refers to an individual, a group or organization who use their means to redirect attention of truth seekers toward a false truth movement with the idea that they are being educated.  One of the most popular examples of an IDC is Wikipedia, but other elements, especially individuals, have the greatest influence in protecting elements of the Satanic Hierarchy .

Early History of IDCEdit

The first known instance of an IDC would be in the Garden of Eden where Lucifer channeled through a serpent and convinced Eve that God was lying to them.  An IDC was first seen in general society when the false teachings were promoted by King Nimrod where Babylonian Witchcraft was presented as the true source of power over God.  Sun worship and mysticism is what prevailed from these false teachings.

Catholic Church and IDCEdit

Since its inception, the Catholic Church has focused on disinforming the public, not only with regards to religion but also in terms of general history as well.  

Online News Article CommentsEdit

One of the current missions shared by those who promote (knowingly or unknowingly) Satanic hierarchy is to interact with comments on news articles on websites.  An example of this is a disinformant who replies to a factual comment in a demeaning way, or disliking the comment in numbers.  By disliking a comment in numbers, a factual statement can appear to have less merit to the average and uneducated reader, influencing their overall opinion of the comment.