The crescent moon and pentagram shown together are symbols of occult worship that far outdate their use in Islam.

Islam is a false religion that is complicit with the Satanic Hierarchy and was commissioned by the Catholic Church.

No one from outside of Islam is allowed to "convert" and become a member. Any type of evangelism in Islamic countries is forbidden. The Koran must remain in its original Arabic language, as it is considered to be words from God and thus the language must not be changed.

Much of the worship in Islam, as evidence of the main shrine being called the Shrine of Muhammad, is to the man Muhammad. He was born in 570 AD, and died in 632. The Koran was completed in 650 AD.

Islamists are properly conditioned to accept One World Religion when it is enforced.

Worship of Allah

Allah is the moon god in Islamic faith, who is said to have produced three daughters, Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat. But in reality the name Allah is a pre-Islamic name that corresponds to the Babylonian god Bel. If it is in fact then Bel they are worshiping, then Islam is irrefutably shown to be a repackaged Pagan religion. Muhammad's learning of new information while in a cave is also concurrent with Paganism.

The ideals and storyline of the daughters mirrors the Occult triple goddess trinity doctrine that is taught in Witchcraft, showing that it is ultimately still worship to Lucifer, who is Satan.

Followers of Islam will tell you that Allah means God, and that the name is the word for God, but that is understandable seeing how that is what they are taught. But the name was around well before 570 AD when Muhammad was born and any of this started.

Muhammad's Catholic Influence

When he was 25, Muhammad was visited by a 40-year-old woman named Khadija, who was sent from the Catholic Church as an agent in order to influence him to create a religion that would ultimately be under the control of Rome. Khadija would end up becoming Muhammad's wife.

Islamic All-Seeing Eye

This eye that accompanies any believer in the form of a physical charm is the All-Seeing Eye, also known as the Eye of Lucifer or the Eye of Horus.

Difference Between Sunni and Shiite Sects

Sunni follow original doctrines set by Catholic Church. Shiite have broken off and have different beliefs, so are unfavored by Catholics and the media.