Islamophobia is the newest buzz word used by those who aspire for a New World Order by attempting to insinuate that anyone who does not completely respect the customs and traditions of the false religion of Islam, has a "phobia" against Islamic people.

Most trendies and Conspiracy Deniers suffer from the reality that being against Islam is not racist, mainly because Islam isn't a race, but a religion.

The term is most commonly used by Reuters and Associated Press outlets that are openly Democratic in affiliation, in an attempt to sway public opinion into allowing Syrian refugees to enter the United States. Plans have been in place by the CIA and MOSSAD to bring trained terrorists into the United States under the guise of refugees for several years.

Among non-news outlets, the term is most commonly used by social groups like blacks and homosexuals who have already been pre-engineered to use the word "Bigot." Since the term "Islamophobia" is a loaded term like "Bigot," those with lesser intelligence can use the term to feel like they are right in any debate, when in fact they are openly expressing their anti-Christian desire

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