The Blood of Jesus is sufficient to forgive everyone that is sincere about forgiveness and wants to live a new life of happiness with Jesus.

Jesus, also known as Jesus Christ and Jesus of Nazareth to Christians, as Adonai to those in Freemasonry and Witchcraft but most importantly as Savior of humanity and bearer of man's sins, He is the Son of God. Sent to die so that people could live, Jesus is God in human form who suffered through the agonizing pain of the weight of everyone's sins and bad deeds and thoughts. He suffered through multiple temptations of Lucifer and even helped those that opposed him.

Jesus is different from any person or belief in that He is wholey inclusive, where as other religions are exclusive, ie you must do something or strive to spiritual enlightenment by works or earthly deed. Christ included everyone regardless of their beliefs or condition, setting a precident for how God wants people to act toward other people for the best social and love related results.

Jesus was falsely accused and put to death by Pontius Pilate. He conquered the grave three days later and rose to the testimony of hundreds of witnesses. Jesus will return to earth the same way that He left; in the clouds.

Despite what you may have been taught about Jesus, you are never too evil, wicked, ruined, "too far gone", worthless, useless--or anything else imaginable--to come to Jesus and be saved by believing in your heart that Jesus came and died for you.

If you're unsure where to start, ask for Jesus to come into your life and heart in prayer. Additionally, challenge Jesus to do something in your life with prayer. Prayers are answered if they are the Will of God , so asking for anything you want isn't quite how it works, but think about things that will make you and people you care about in your life happy.

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