Lucifer is a creation of God who rebelled against God and coveted the Throne of God. He was then cast down to earth, not hell, as a result of his actions. Lucifer took with him to the earth roughly or exactly one-third of the Angels that God had created, because they followed Lucifer and his idea.

Lucifer is believed to be the most beautiful of all of God's creations. In religions that promote Lucifer, it is taught that he was cast down to the earth for simply asking about the Throne of God, which is not true.

Lucifer goes by many names including Satan and the Devil among popular ones, but many names, even of pagan gods are engineered to be worship toward him.

Lucifer is the god of the Freemasons, a fact that is not openly disclosed until you become a 33rd Degree Freemason and you have chosen to desicrate an object of your religious order (Freemasons must have a religion, they cannot be athiest. This is to show that they will defect from their religion in favor of knowingly worshiping Lucifer, the ultimate blasphamy to God).