Luciferian is a term that describes those who worship Lucifer, the same angel in rebellion to God in the Holy Bible. Luciferian belief is derived from the Necronomicon and its worship practices originate in Babylonian Witchcraft.

Many members of the Satanic Hierarchy are openly Luciferian. All members of the Council of 13, upper Freemasons, Committee of 300 and Bilderberg Group are Luciferian. All members of the modern Illuminati are Luciferian, which includes members of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Upper ruling members of the Catholic Church are all Luciferian.

Luciferian Belief

Despite what you might think, Luciferians do not see themselves as evil at all. They believe that Lucifer was cast down by God for simply asking about the throne of God when in fact he attempted to covet the throne. Luciferians believe then that he was unjustly cast down and that his equal Jesus Christ is attempting to unjustly hold him and the truth about the world back.

Luciferians that participate in blood sacrifices believe that although what they're doing feels wrong and is unpleasing, that it is necessary in order to satisfy Lucifer and give him power to conquer. Every single person within government and religious sects that practices worship to Lucifer, believe they are doing the right thing that is wholesome and virtuous.

Taught to Not Fear Hell

One aspect of Luciferianism that persuades people to act so extreme and immoral, is the false ideology of Reincarnation. Reincarnation insists that when you die, you simply live again in another life, a statement of complete disagreement with the Holy Bible. It's purpose is for its people to not fear hell.

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