Mic is a liberal propaganda outlet that is backed by Illuminati companies and is employed only by those whose "left" views are further extreme than the average Democrat. The level at which they censor and cherry-pick "news" items is almost identical to that of the Korean Central News Agency of North Korea. (Socialist)

Authors are encouraged to shift the meaning of events, statements, laws and acts of war, to best reflect the current Communist agenda of the Democratic Party. The media group was founded by two Zionists, Chris Altchek and Jake Horowitz, in an effort to reach a younger and more vulnerable/uneducated Millennial population. Their inclusion as well as the substance pushed by the website, are indicative of the fact that Mic is nothing more than an extension of the political wishes of Zionist Israel, and is likely funded and overseen by MOSSAD.

Nearly every article produced by the propaganda outlet is extremely anti-Christian in nature. Religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Atheism and Luciferianism (including Satanism), are all vigorously defended, while Christianity is always the subject of attack. Mic is also a fierce defender of the Homosexual Agenda.

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