Michael Aquino is an open Luciferian child molester who has full control over the resources of the NSA.

Michael Aquino is a high level Luciferian who has unprecedented access and control over NSA tools and resources. He is a convicted child molester who is primarily but not exclusively in charge of kidnapping children across America and using them for sexual pleasure or Luciferian worship sacrifices. He has raped and molested many children, and he is still allowed to carry out these activities to this day using taxpayer dollars.

His sexual nature mirrors that of the Luciferian Sexual Agenda.

He is famous for being accused in sworn testimony by 83 different children of being the owner/operator of the primary child sex ring that is backed by the CIA. In the Franklin Case, Aquino was the focal point of victim testimony that the U.S. government was able to sweep under the rug.  Aquino was charged and found guilty of the crimes against him, but was able to use an alternate defense that allowed him to plead insanity and receive mental health treatment rather than execution. Although the justice system was manipulated and Intentional Disinformation Campaigns like Wikipedia will tell you that his primary accusor Alisha Owen was sent to jail, it fails to mention that she was awarded several million dollars in justified damages. Aquino remains on the job and is very active with Luciferian interests.

Aquino actually believes that he is a supernatural being, unable to be prosecuted and held accountable for his crimes. He is likely possessed by a demonic entity and has no value for human life or progression. He is able to control the resources of the NSA which includes but is not limited to phone and email tappings, computer monitoring, satellite surveillance and may have control over newer resources such as ELF wave and electromagnetic brain manipulation.