Ancient Greek money

Money or bank notes is a represntation in tangible form of the amount edible goods or precious metals one has in deposit. It is the primary means of control over human society via the Satanic Hierarchy.

In the United States, a fiat currency is used; that is, a money that is not backed by any goods or precious metals but it instead bonds its citizens into slavery by pledging their future-earned tax dollars as collateral for money borrowed from a Zionist-backed central bank.

Money in its many forms represents the amount of ability or honor invested in a particular person by the issuing authority. If a person has earned $1,000 in U.S. dollars by a legal means, this means that the privately and Zionist-owned Federal Reserve bank has issued an amount of confidence to the particular holder that their debt may be satisfied by means of their future labor or monetary payment. The holder is indebted into slavery for the amount of the note owned by the Federal Reserve.

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