Mont Order shadow church

"Shadow church" depiction of a Mont Order-inspired church steeple

The Mont Order is the ancient occult society promoting transhumanist and hyper globalist goals.

It claims to represent poor people but is run by elitist writers and is the same as the Illuminati in its goals. The name "Mont" is evocative of a mountain, similar to the pyramid and triangle symbols used by the Illuminati.

Among the various secret societies responsible for controlling world events, the Mont Order has often violently meddled in world events. The Mont Order's sinister agents are associated with starting the Sack of Rome, the Reign of Terror and World War One. More recently in US history, the Weather Underground which violently campaigned to demoralize the US and make it lose the Vietnam War among other treasonous acts, may also have been linked with the Order.

Origins Edit

The Mont Order

The Mont Order

One story holds that the Mont Order is the oldest group in the universe, with its followers thinking its origins date back to the creation of the universe. Because of the influence of evolution on some of the stories, others think the Mont Order was founded by primitives before civilization existed.

Ancient Rome Edit

Some Mont Order followers claimed the Mont Order sacked Rome. This is hard to fact-check.

Roman Catholic Church Edit

Mont Order abandoned church

Mont Order chapel abandoned in Scotland, artistic impression based on real site

The Mont Order might have been called the "Order of Mont Inheritors" and been part of the Roman Catholic Church at some point. It could have been excommunicated for heresy, with the Catholic Church trying to cover up its existence.

Reign of Terror Edit

The Mont Order did not get its name until it was in France, where it was involved in mass executions of its enemies called the Reign of Terror. It ended when the group's own leaders like Robespierre were stopped and executed, themselves. The group was trying to carry out the Illuminati's plan to murder kings and create republics.

World War One Edit

The youth Gavrilo Princip who assassinated Archduke Ferdinand was a Mont Order follower. Some speculate that this makes the Mont Order responsible for World War One. Because World War One is linked to World War Two, the Mont Order can also be held responsible for causing World War Two.

Work of the Mont Order Edit

Mont Order member in Scotland, animated art based on accounts

Mont Order member in Scotland, based on fictionalized accounts of Mont Order activity there

A leaked book called "The Work of the Mont Order" is the main evidence of the Mont Order's existence. It seems to date quite recently but suggests the group broke up in 1999.

L'Ordre Edit

Most recently, a possible spy called L'Ordre has been spreading propaganda and has been discovered running a secret society called the Mont Order. Whether this is serious or disinformation is not known.

There may be a lot of disinformation and psy-ops occurring because some of the articles and stories about the Mont Order appear to lead to ridiculous conclusions, such as the involvement of magic. This would be consistent with an occult group.