Movies are scripted sessions of indoctrination in which a certain plot or feeling is expressed through liberal arts


The logo for Columbia Pictures (Columbia or Columbus meaning "New World" as in New World Order) depicts Queen Semiramis of Babylon holding the torch in her right hand.

in a way that is demeaning to Christianity, and acts as cover for various aspects of the Satanic Hierarchy. More recently, they have been used to emphasize the Homosexual Agenda.

Perhaps the highest concentration of occultists and those involved in Witchcraft live in Los Angeles, but all of the movies that exist in society are produced in a very specific area of Los Angeles called Hollywood. Those that function within the Hollywood system are all confessed to persuasions against Jesus. There is a strict anti-Rothschild code in the production of modern movies, all heavily controlled by the monopoly of Zionists within the media and film industry.

They are the primary vessel through which children are indoctrinated into the teachings of Witchcraft.

Types of Movies Edit

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