A Palestinian man looks on from his bombed neighborhood in mid-July of 2014. Catholic and Zionist groups hope to implement New World Order by force soon.

New World Order is a conspiracy being carried out by Lucifer by means of the Catholic Church through their roundtables of the Jesuits and the Illuminati. Its aim is to institute slavery under the guise of security and keep a substancially reduced population working for a select few that run the Communist-style One World Government regime.

New World Order is a plan that Lucifer has had since the beginning of time, thus, God has always known how to counter what Lucifer will do and gave mankind the Holy Bible with which they can learn more about God in combination with prayer. Lucifer devotes his resources to deceving and making people's lives miserable, even those knowingly serving him.

On earth, the agenda is carried out primarily by the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church allows England to function as its main social mechanism, which in turn conquers land and delivers assets for the church. England allows the United States to function as the military branch of the Catholic Church, through an asset of sovereign England with a company called the Virginia Company. All United States Senators and those working within the Executive Branch are aware that the United States is not a sovereign nation, and is subsidary to England who is working for the benefit of the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church also commissioned the modern land seizure of Palestine with the Balfour Declaration that sets up Zionist Israel, a country funded entirely by the Rothschild Family, who is the Catholic Church's main banker. Everything that Zionist Israel does is an extension of the wishes of the Catholic Church and the Luciferian New World Order agenda.

One World Currency

Instituting a single currency is the first vital step in establishing the New World Order. Currently in a phase of regionalizing internationally, the European Union exists as the furthest model of a currency that has taken the sovereignty away from various member nations. In the final situation of a single world-wide currency, prices would then be established per the Doctrine of Lucifer that would keep people in a state of working only to be able to survive and achieve the bare essentials of survival. In other words, incogneto slavery.

One World Government

Centralized rule has been a dream of many throughout history, and most noteably attempted recently by Cecil Rhodes with the League of Nations, and also by the Rothschild Family with the United Nations. These organizations are commissioned by the Catholic Church in an attempt to conquer and deliver more assets to to her. England is the country that outwardly appears to have the ruling hand when it is in fact the Vatican.

One World Religion

Once the Final Card has been played, it will be time for the institutuion of Sunday Law, a concept first forced on the Roman Empire by Emporer Constantine in the year 321. In it, the fourth Commandment of God will be ignored and the Sabbath day will be moved to Sunday, the first day of the week in order to honor Lucifer , god of the Freemasons. At this time, the Doctrine of Lucifer will not be kept secret any longer, and will be unveiled for the world to see, just as Albert Pike described in his letter to the founder of the M.A.F.I.A., Giuseppe Mazzini on August 15, 1871.

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