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Welcome To Illuminati/New World Order Wiki

Welcome to New World Order Wiki

Update (12/5/15) -- The talk page is open to those who want to contribute communication, but ANY type of stories or concepts from the Necronomicon will not be tolerated. Aliens aren't real. Area 51 is a proven place of genetic engineering. Rockefeller Foundation sponsors all "alien" promotion including the Disclosure Project. Zecharia Sitchin is an agent of the Vatican who blatantly pushes the false Annunaki ideals, which are paralleled to the Necronomicon. If you attempt to hijack this site with obvious pseudo-propaganda, your username and IP will be banned. If you still believe in an anti-Christian idea of conspiracy, you're where I was over five years ago, and I refuse to go backwards and dumb myself down. Go start your own fake site; this one is for truth. Again, ALL pages remain for me to edit only, ensuring no vandalism takes place. But forget the feelings you might have...look at the pages here and learn something. Thanks.

Update (4/21/15) -- We have (a little more slowly than others) come to see that Alex Jones is not only a certified member of the Illuminati and essentially a double agent, but is in fact former comedian Bill Hicks. Being a fan of Hicks and a loose listener to Jones' ramblings, this is stunning to me.

Update (8/2/2014) -- Trying to move into a phase where I'm adding more substance to everything rather than pages, and really get the quality of this thing to just shoot through the roof. Thanks for all the visits, I really appriciate it!

Update (5/18/2014) -- As of now, editing on this wikia will be reserved for the Founder only. Within two years, we recorded two legitimate edits by one person, and several instances of vandalism. We're sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused and we hope that it doesn't hinder your experience at

Primary/Main Or Major Topics/Subjects

So what exactly is this site all about? Its name is "" but it doesn't seem to be promoting the Illuminati but rather exposing their secrets! That's because that is our aim here at Disinformation Flag. We categorize events and people based on the Biblical perspective of end times. The author of this site (and yes there is and forever will be only one admin and author) will never be paid any amount of money by special interests to lie and put up fabricated information. If you see something that you believe is inaccurate, please send an email to

Our hope isn't that we offend anyone or make anyone feel bad, but rather challenge the world view that you've become accustomed to in order to ask pertinent questions about the world around us and the terrible state that it's currently in. Thank you and may the Lord God and his Son Jesus Christ touch every reader.

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