The human mind retains what is repeated to it over and over. Eventually, things and ideas that people weren't born with take over in the mind with passive programming.

Passive Programming is a method of psychological control in which hidden and subliminal messages are administered on a victim through media, most commonly with television programming.

This is the method of programming used by the Illuminati in helping divide the cultures of the world and dictating the elements of their created subcultures to their selected audiences.

The idea that blacks are born to be "thugs" or to live a "thug life" is ingrained through passive programming in media that was conceived of by the Jesuits. Who imo kids are, is dictated to them directly by passive programming by Aleister Crowley disciples who have dreamed of a future where children felt like the world was full of no hope. Insighting and inspiring depression and suicide, is an effect of passive programming by the Satanic Hierarchy.

The craze and adoration of fads and trends such as Zombies, vampires, hatred of Christianity and Christians, Homosexuality, poor health due to Freemasonic fast food and a variety of countless items that are contrary to the will of God and are pushed by Zionists, Luciferians and anyone else supporting the overall Catholic Church agenda.

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