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Saudi-Israelia Edit

In the past we were two stolen countries, but since years you can call us Saudi Israelia. We've the same principles and we're both mass murderers.  While Israel is the warmonger against the Palestinians, Saudi is the nightmare for poor Yemenite women, children, etc. We destroyed all their schools, hospitals, graves, institutes, weddings and go so on. We receive all the weapons from the United Kingdom, United States and France.  Our goal is as well to invade eventually Iran and to steal their oil, while they need a central bank like the ours. We LOVE Torah and Quran both. We HATE Lucifer a lot.

Here are some facts and history about Saudi Israelia.   We love our Babylonion Satanic Talmudic Talmud and Hadith which we use centuries after centuries. When prophet Moses passed away for the jews, and when prophet Muhamad passed away for the muslims, we decided to divide stupid followers, and see, the vast majority are blind, deaf and mental ill. We, Saudi Israelia, love it also to give our political movement a stronger impulse!


Saudi - Wahabism

Saudi Arabia is made by former Britannia in the beginning of the past century. They found us as bedouins from Hejaz. We're not muslims nor are we pro-religious. Our faith is the capitalism. When the Britannia found us, they gave us $5.000,- per month to follow them and to work for them. We did well.


We came from the Banu Qaynuqa Tribe. Since the time of prophet Muhamad, we were against him. We came from Najdi - today Riyadh. Some of us are from the jewish tribe in Madinah where we fought and followed prophet Muhamad.   

Our faith is called Wahabism. Its a sect compareable with cancer and ebola. It comes from our late leader Muhamad Ibn Wahab, who was a pure evil zionist and a crypto jew against all faith especially islam. He and Ibn Saud, were both bribed and eventually they took together the power - with Britannia's support from the Ibn Racheed empire. From that time we got/made some books to follow as well and to oppress innocent citizens. Our goal is to divide more people and to bring them to our occult cancer sect and to bring them to the path of our great lord Lucifer. Hail lucifer! Some of Muhamad ibn Wahhab (not his real name) his forefathers came as well from Iraq (former Babylon.) Ibn Wahhab called himself a ''shaykh''  in several books and - by himself - giving title, but he wasn't. While Ottoman Empire was a strong state, the Khazarian mafia decided (with a master idea) to bribe a slave namely Muhamad Ibn Wahhab. They said to Wahhab: ''You'll work for us and we will give you a slave status, but we give you every month $5.000,-''. Not knowing that the state of Arabia (today Saudi-Israelia) will manifest once a huge supply of petroleum.  Nevertheless, Muhamad Ibn Wahhab accepted this huge chance and fought, with on the background Britannia (now UK), against the powerful Ottoman Empire. Eventually Wahhab conquered, with all those supportive resources (like weapons), as well the two great mosques of Mecca (Masjid al-Haram) and Madinah (Masjid Al-Nabawi).

Our goal today is to continue our forefather their satanic plans; destroying both Haramain mosques, but step by step.                                                                                                              With all those billions (!) we attract annually from the pilgrimage, we buy weapons to destroy countries like poor Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries around us. We've nothing to do with islam nor do we care about it We have an extremely hateful agenda against all prophets like prophet Muhamad and his cultural heritage; family and of course Aisa c.q. the humankind. Prophet Muhamad was a very wise, noble and peaceful man during his life here on earth, however, we're none of these.           

We look/hear often that we are pious and peaceful, but we aren't. We're evil and we follow Lucifer. He gave us a strong statement: take over de islam and destroy it from inside! Like the Khazarian clan (our great leaders today) did with Judaism and Christianity. Examples of our Satanic following agenda:

  • Satanic dresscode called Burqa/Niqab - for AND to oppress women like slaves;
  • Cutting hands of the thieves;
  • Chopping of the heads from rapists, murderers and apostates;
  • Stoning to death for adultery.
Flag of najd by ramones1986-d9ik6rz

In our Satanic Babylonion Talmudic Hadith, we aware/advise the Wahhabi-followers ''muslims'' with  some FALSE Satanic statements; here under:

  • ''Satanic grave punishement'';
  • ''Muhamad married Aisha when she was 6'';
  • ''Being a Wahabi means you're a true muslim!'';
  • ''It's permissible to marry a girl if she's younger than 10 years old (also known as child bride)'';
  • ''It's good for your health to drink camel urine'';
  • ''Slavery is good'';
  • ''Stoning the ''devil'' is a must'';
  • ''It's okay to kill ''infidels'';
  • ''Kissing and obeying the black stone 'Ajar al Aswad' is the best u can do'';
  • ''Circumcision is healthy for male'';
  • ''Women are equal to monkeys and pigs'';
  • ''Muhamad was a warmonger''; ''Killing people in the name of God is permissible'';
  • ''Committing suicide in mosque c.q. the 27th of the month of ramadan, is the best God wants'';
  • ''Committing suicide will reward you with 73 virgin women in heaven''.

The facts are actually: there's not such thing as grave punishment, people go straight to heaven, but we scare people of to do what we want!  Muhamad didn't marry Aisha when she was 6, but according to the science behind the Qur'an, she was older then 25 years old. So, of course it's not permissible to marry a child. As well committing suicide, killing people, etc... it's all satanic and written in our satanic babylonion talmudic (volumes) books like Ibn Taymiyya; ''Saheeh'' Al-Bukhari and '4-madrassas' which means schools from Hanbali, Hanafi, Maliki, etc. In other words: it's all (fake!) handwritten by us and only made to attack prophet Muhamad, his blessed family and to brainwash everyone.

In our well readed - well known - books (i.e. Ibn Taymiyya) we describe Allah (God)  when we use his psysical image like he's a young person. Some well known quotes:

,,And God made prophet Adam in his own image, 20 cubes tall and 7 cubes wide''.  ,,And God sits on his throne; he has two blue eyes; he has fingers/hands, legs, back and he's above the clouds''.

The Wahabi ''scholars'' give us often advice to look more like a pious Islamic king , but we aren't.                                                                                                                                                            We are not human at all (so to speak) but bloody warmongers. We wash the black stone (Ka'ba) inside Makkah mosque with our dirty shoes. We use an 'advice board' where we mention God and shoes in the same sentence. The bloody well known sword on our fake flag ''shahada'' is done by us to give an example of who we are. Bloody warmongers with more blood on our hands than the Red Sea. We have nothing to do with religious  nor with human rights.                                                                                                                                                We love our pilgrimage slave - machine very much. With those billions we buy some war vehicles and weapons, like extraordinary fight jets to slaughter more innocent poor Yemenites for example.

We did/do everyting what's forbidden according to the Qur'an. However, the vast majority of the Saudis, are blindly idiots following us like we're their Gods but we aren't at all. As ''kingdom'' we use all the money from the blackgold(=oil) to drink very expensive (!) champagnes, to eat tons of Russian caviar and to spend all the money in Monte Carlo Casino. Wonderful, yet?

Our goal is to demolish the Green Dome, mosque of the prophet Muhamad in Madinah, like we did with his former house i.e. The only real leader who were among us, was, like JFK, late sir. Faisal with his oil stoppage. The different cancer sects is as well made by us. Like the Sunism, Shiasm, Ahmadysm, Sufism, Alevetism, Sufism, Salafism etc. We did this with one good reason: divide the ''religious'' majority to the path of satan instead of one of God his book: the Qur'an.

The well known Makkah Tower, is made by us to praise our Lucifer above God. Normally the Kaba is the most important ''tower'' but now we made a greater, nicer tower right? As you can see here under: it has the horns of satan above the name of ''Allah'' God. The moon with the legs to the air has nothing to do with islam, but we don't care, we really don't care. It looks like the former Babylon tower. This great hotel is made to attract many, many stupid ''muslims'' around the globe. It's all about the money, money, money. The Makkah Tower is copied from - and based on the London's well-known Big Ben Tower. Our stupid citizens are mental ill, brainwashed and to stupid to stand up against us. We bribed them every single year and if needed we use force to suppress and/or kill them.  

The founded oil in Arabia was normally founded by a poor bedouin with his science attributes. So, the oil was actually meant for the poor people there, but we don't care, so we stole their oil and we made  a huge business deal with our friends from United Kindom (former Britannia) and United States of America, also known as the Petro Dollar.

Israelia - Zionism Edit

Israel is made by the House of Rothshild in the beginning of the last century to work further to a greater Israel Plan called 'Eretz Israel'. In our Satanic Babylonion Talmudic Talmuds, it says: ,,We have the right to create our wonderful land called Eretzi Ysrael''.

Weizmann and feisal 1918

The left person on the picture above is former Zionist prime minister Chaim Weizmann of Israel in 1918 with former Wahabi king of Iraq Faisal I. On the second photo you can see former hardcore zionist and besides the first prime minister of Israelia.

So now we're hard working for this brilliant idea. The Al Aqsa mosque would soon be demolished and to re-build our Solomon Temple as it was once in 900BCE. Wonderful! Since we created the state Israel, we've killed a lots of innocent people in former Palestine. Since then we brought more fake jews from East-Europe, also known as the Azhkenazi's. Nothing in their/our blood says we're jews, we aren't!  As you can see here under: the first shows you where we really come from, the former Khazarian region in East Europe and the former Georgia/Ukraine.


Some wonderful things in our Satanic Babylonion Talmudic Talmud:

  • ''It's permissible for zionist-jews to slap non-jews'';
  • ''It's permissible for zionist-jews to rape non-jews'';
  • ''Being not a pro-zionist means you're an apostate!'';
  • ''It's permissible for zionist-jews to kill and use non-jews as slave'';
  • ''It's okay to marry a 3 years old child'';
  • ''Circumcision is good and healthy for male'';
  • ''Wearing a satanic frumqa is a beauty and must for the woman like a slave'';
  • ''Stealing others their land is permissible'';
  • ''Non zionist-jews need to kiss your feet'';
  • ''A zionist-jew is superior to non-jews'';
  • ''Jesus Christ was/is a dangerous for the human kind'';
  • ''We jews killed Jesus Christ'';
  • ''Virgin Mary wasn't virgin at all''.

Actually - according to the Torah - we may not have any land since God forbade that. Nevertheless we lie to all people and our citizens when we say: ''of course it's advised by the Babylonion Talmudic bible''.

In the United States we have great support from stupid slaves, like the AIPAC and senate. There're many Christian Zionists who are supporting us and our goal. They have NOTHING to do with Judaism, but they act like they ''feel'' someting for us. We use often the well-known excuse called ''Ánti-Semitism. From our brain to our heart and from our head to our toes we're not semitic at all! We use this as an excuse to manipulate people. Being against the state Israel is not anti-semitic. Being against our $hekel is not anti-semitic. Being against our Satanic decisions is not anti-semitic but rational thinking.

Since Babylon, we us often a strategic plan called Kabbalah, it's like our Wahabi-brothers their ''tafseer''. We used other words and meaning to the Torah to misguide the majority. Maybe a few percent of the real Jews are wake up against our slander, but we don't care since 96% is manipulated  by us and our former colleagues. 

The different cancer sects we see today, like the: Chassidim, Haredim, Liberals, Cancervatives, Democrazy, etc, it's all made by us to divide Jews to the path of devil instead of HaShem (means God in Hebrew) his book the Thorah.

Here below an example of our well-known Satanic Babylonion Talmud book - volumes:

Babylonian talmud 21

Here below shown the well known letter dated and written on November 2, 1917 from the first (Zionist) prime minister Lord Balfour of Britannia, to the Zionist banker Lord Rothshild. Our first wonderful step we made at that time, to create an illegal state of Israel.


Our goal is to invade eventually Iran as well, like we did with Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and our failed step against Syria. The most recent war against Lebanon, in 2006, was funded for estimated $300.000.000,- by Saudi and we gave our weapons which are actually from USA and UK. 

Current map of Saudi Israelia.

MAP Saudi Israelia

We have great allies like:

  • Pakistein;
  • Jordan;
  • Morocco;
  • Kuwait;
  • UAE;
  • Egypt;
  • Bahrain;
  • Qatar;
  • Oman;
  • Turkeystein.

Together we bomb poor, innocent Yemenites and Palestinians with our air Jets which we bought from Lockheed Martin. Pentagon is protecting us since we're the slaves of The House of Rothshild and the other powerful dynasty House of Rockefellers.

Arab-Zion (1)

Israeli Secret Intelligence Services, also known as ''ISIS'', is made by us to divide, rule, oppress and to serve our masters their great secret dark agenda. Namely: bring anger to the vast majority while we're preparing (behind the scenes) for a wonderful World War against some countries who are still remaining. ISIS is made by the House of Rothshild; well trained by CIA/MOSSAD/MI5/6; funded by the Arab-Zion countries (slaves) and armed by the Pentagon/Turkey. ISIS is made by them/us to force regime changes. We hate our enemies: Iran, Syria, Russia, China and North Korea because they're not slaves with central banks of IMF like the vast majority is. 

Rothen (1)

Our poor, stupid citizens are extremely poor and brainwashed by us. However, we as ''House of Saud'' are very rich and we do what we want. We don't need burqa/niqab satanic clothes, and moreover, we live like Gods & Goddesses!