South Park

South Park is a show that reaches a very wide range of people.

South Park is an animated television series that follows the antics of four kids, as well as the cast of townspeople, in situations that are presented mostly as comical.

The show is extremely Democratic in its political ideology. It follows items in the news and promotes them the same way that Reuters and the Associated Press push them, reinforcing media content approved by Zionist Israel. Both creators of the show, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, are Jewish.

South Park is one of the top ways that the Illuminati are able to reach Millennials. The shows' opinions are constantly used by Millennials and younger people as being facts, simply because the show placates to so many of their average viewer's political platform, so they find South Park's underlying political messages to be enjoyable and non-threatening.

Recently, just as have all shows that push Illuminati content, the show has been loudly in promotion of the Homosexual Agenda. One episode was even centered around the forced unification of two heterosexual boys in a dating relationship.