Sports are a major success of the Illuminati, and it serves an extremely valuable purpose.

Sports are a creation of Illuminati interests, used in order to distract a considerable amount of the public from what is happening socially, politically and internationally.

Starting about 760 BC, people ran organized foot races in the first ancient Olympics. But today's high-dollar sports leagues and massive fan gatherings make it a huge social sedative that favors those working for the advancement of the Satanic Hierarchy.

Here is a list of when today's organized sports were started. You notice that in countries that are the most porminent players of the New World Order agenda are at or near the origins.

1855 - First game of hockey played in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

1858 - First game of Australian Rules Football is played.

1860 - First British Open golf tournament

1863 - English Football Association (FA) is formed, admittedly by Freemasons.

1869 - First college-level American football game is played between Rutgers and Princeton.

1876 - Americans begin playing baseball in an organized league, a game based off the English game Rounders. 

1877 - First Wimbeldon tennis tournament held.

1877 - First cricket test between Australia and England is played.

Many teams in leagues across various sports and internationally began to form, all backed by wealthy business owners tied to the Illuminati. A distracted globe is a more easily divided globe.