Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu is a stooge for the Rothschild Family, but an extremely bloodthirsty one.

Synagogue of Satan is a term from the Holy Bible that describes a group of people who lie about their Jewish heritage and are assisting Lucifer in the last days.

In modern terms, many people use it to reference the Committee of 300, a group of international bankers who mostly claim Jewish heritage.

Most of the international Jewish population (over 95%) are descendants of Khazars called Ashkenazi Jews. Khazars are the descendants of the former country of Kazaria and were forced to convert to Judaism by order of the king in 740 AD.

People who are not descended from the 12 Tribes of Judah are attempting to claim Jewish heritage, but it's the people who orchestrated the ideals of modern Zionism who are the true carriers of the title.

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