Tetrasil is a very real thing and is very much effective, despite the claims of websites like

Tetrasil is the name of a solution that is the cure for AIDS. It was created during the manufacturing of the HIV virus by the United States. It is now sold exclusively by one company that is based in China but owned in Canada. It requires an injection at a 40ppm (parts per million) ratio in one's body to deaden the virus and begin the process of restoring one's immune system.

The discovery of Tetrasil as the cure is credited to former Navy man and world hero Dr. Boyd Ed Graves. Graves became the first known man in history to inject himself with the known cure. He became sympton free later that same year in 2003.

Tetrasil is known for its U.S. Patent Number which is 5676977. This fact is on their website making it impossible for Conspiracy Deniers to inaccurately convince people otherwise.