The New Day logo depicts a Phoenix rising with the sun, a highly occult symbol of Egyptian pagan worship that promoted homosexuality.

The New Day is a WWE "stable" or group that is intended to push the Homosexual Agenda. The highly effeminate colors the characters wear function to display sexual role reversal. The promiscuous sexual comments that are thrown in help suggest that people have sexual urges all the time. The reversed sexual role the characters play psychologically confuses the viewer, mainly children, into accepting homosexuality as well as being conditioned to accept the rest of the Luciferian Sexual Agenda.

One of the characters plays a trombone during the match that adds humor to certain parts, mainly when moves are being executed. In line with the Feminine characteristics of the group, the trombone is named 'Francesca'.

Their celebrations further promote incest and homosexuality by getting close to and touching one another while laying on their backs and thrusting their crotches in the air.

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