Presidential Debate

The Two-Party Illusion cons the public into believing there is choice when either outcome will manufacture the same results.

Two-Party Illusion is a term used to accurately describe the current state of the United States government as it relates to their participation in the Satanic Hierarchy , the ruling form of world government.

In the system, two "parties" or groups take defined political stances that generally drastically oppose one another. In doing so they can create two seperate groups of populace that are so different from one another that they will be much more ept to fight and create strife rather than come together and formulate any solutions.

The public is never in a state of outcry over the system because of the constant media propaganda that reinforces the idea that the system is working for our benefit. Headlines can easily be manufactured in a Two-Party Illusion that suggest progress is being made, like, "Democrats and Republicans to Talk Health Care", but in reality the groups continue with their seperate agendas intact and continue to comprimise the soverignty of American citizens.