The United States is a country built in tribute to paganism and Luciferian ideals.

United States, also called the United States of America, is a nation state that is a subsidiary of England. It functions as an asset of the Virginia Company that amasses land and interests for England, and most importantly the sovereign English Crown.

The United States functions as the military branch of the Catholic Church. It houses one of the three sovereign member states of the Illuminati, Washington, D.C. Inside the confines of Washington, D.C., the flag of the Vatican is flown higher than any other flag, just as it is in all three of the sovereign member states.

The United States was founded on Freemasonic ideals and principals, with its initial documented rulers and many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence also being Masons. While the first capitol resided in Philadelphia, Washington D.C. was constructed to reflect pagan and Luciferian ideology.

Early History

Tribal people that migrated far away from Babylon that came through the frozen areas of Russia and Alaska, made it to North America and were its first human inhabitants. The tribes were dominated in numbers by the Cherokee, a people who believed in a holy trinity and a God named Yahweh. The entire area of the United States was occupied by some sort of tribe or group.

Viking Expeditions

Nordic explorers, led by Leif Ericsson, came to the areas of what's now Newfoundland in the years 1000 and 1001. After making a declaration that they would initially live there for the winter, many of the explorers built large houses. It's almost certain but not proven that many of these permanent residents and offspring have moved down farther south and lived in the United States.

"Discovering" America

By all accounts, prominent politician in England, Spain and other nations had knowledge of this mostly uninhabited area with the help of various explorer accounts and Royal surveying information. It was announced to the public that Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus had "discovered" America in 1492. Persecution of Christians caused a religious migration to the United States where people were free to read the Holy Bible.

The Brits also implemented slave trade in the Colonies, something the people were opposed to. Modern psy-ops campaigns attempt to teach that blacks were once mistreated by "whites" for slavery. England and the English Monarchy would be the proper agent for blacks to displace their anger over slavery.

Once the people had successfully spread out and built infrastructure into the land, England would step back in and seize it all.

Fighting England, Catholic Church

Many early European pilgrims left and came to the Colonies to escape religious persecution. The most massive wave came in 1629 when King Charles I dissolved the English Parliament and attempted to rule as an all-out Monarchy. But by 1634, King Charles I had made a deal with Lord Baltimore of the Catholic Church, and gave him land which Baltimore brought 200 settlers, mostly Catholic, to America.

By 1700, both Massachusetts and New York had laws in place that banned Catholic priests, punishable by death. The Protestant nation was seeking its will to be free and be a Christian nation without the pagan practices and idolatry that Catholicism attempted to push.

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