It was 2006, and I was in what some might say was a kind of drug-induced culture coma; full of the party lifestyle on a major college campus and just trying to outdrink the bro next to me. But one of my friends showed my a video clip that changed everything. I was introduced to Alex Jones through my roommate's suggestion to check out this thing called Loose Change. It was full of information that suggests that 9/11 was an inside job and I mean it goes into stunning detail. Not being any kind of conspiracy entertainer at that time I thought it was very interesting and even started showing it to some of my friends. After about a year of seeing people's interest into the movie, I was burning DVD's for random strangers that lived in my apartment complex just to get their reaction and share ideas with them.

Now a good deal of the information that I got about conspiracy before I became a Christian came from William Guy Carr's book Pawns in the Game. But without question Jones was the first person so show up in front of me and start making conspiratorial accusations that made all the sense in the world.

That being said, Alex Jones was already on the scene for 10 years before he reached my eyes. An established conspiracy expert, the quick-witted Jones began to dazzle his way into my ideals with more and more documentaries including his 2009 hit, The Obama Deception. This was a guy clearly for the people and was waking many up to injustice and tyranny.

In 2008, I started doing some stand-up comedy, inspired by one of my favorite comedians ever, Bill Hicks. In fact I was calling the start of my career the "birth of the new age rant" to commemorate Hicks' last album Rant in E Minor. I was big into Hicks and George Carlin, so I wanted my routine to be intelligent and funny, something that was clever because of language rather than just making "dick jokes" like so many modern comedians are pushed to do to get by.

I was very familiar with Hicks and his style. He was very anti-Christian (like myself at the time) and could make you laugh at the same joke several times just thinking about it. He was so quick-hitting with the way that he delivered his thoughts that you practically felt like you were just haning out with him every time he was on stage or behind the microphone. He hated the government and he really hated Christians.

Sadly though, Hick's material was limited as he passed away from cancer in February of 1994. "It really sucks," I'd always say. "The best entertainers always die young."

Both Jones and Hicks had profound interactions with my life. In much different ways, certainly independent of one another, but they were there none the less.

Throughout the years as I continued to listen to Alex, something became amiss. I had become a Christian and was certainly further into conspiracy than I was in 2006. As the Israeli/MOSSAD connection to 9/11 became much more obvious, something was wrong. Jones wasn't pointing the finger at Israel at all. In fact, if asked about it, Jones began getting defensive and using ADL rhetoric about political accusations toward Israel being anti-Semitic. Not only that, but any references to the Catholic Church were quickly cut off by an overpoweringly emotional Jones who is a master of being in total control of conversations. I had a friend who once called into Jones' radio show and asked about Catholics, only to quickly be interupted and shoved off of the air.

I never had any proof about anything when it came to Jones, only that he was clearly either misinformed or not giving everything away because he knows if he does, he'll be killed. Sadly only the latter is true.

As if some sort of crazy time capsule opened up, I finished a casual listening of Hicks on YouTube and noticed that (because of my search history fusing with the current Hicks presentation) that a video was suggested that insinuated that Bill Hicks is Alex Jones. Okay, I love a good conspiracy but this should be easy to call shananigans on.

After 10 minutes, I was uprooted and replanted in new soil. Evidence of all kind was there, from physical attributes to friends that he had around him.

On the left side of Jones' neck is a scar from a mole that was removed. This mole is visible in the exact same spot on Hicks.


Next, Jones has two small moles on his right neck. These moles are in exact alignment with where they appear on Hick's neck.


Both of these physical characteristics alone should be enough to at least begin the serious discussion as to whether or not Hicks is Jones. Jones himself has addressed the claim saying that he looks "nothing like" Hicks, which is obviously not true. But here's where the conversation ends.

Dental records are used to identiy bodies because of the uniqueness that teeth have. An article by (obviously now) disinformation site Texas Monthly attempts to address the teeth by saying that they're not dental experts. Yes Dan Solomon, please leave anything that requires figuring anything out to those who don't work for a sham news outlet.

The teeth are a dead match and provide complete and well-rounded physical proof, especially along with exact mole placement all over the neck, that Alex Jones is in fact Bill Hicks.


On the one hand, I was thrilled that Bill Hicks, a hero of mine, was in fact alive. But reality set in as not only was Hicks a sellout to the Illuminati, but he was intentioally lying to millions of people in what could only be a CIA/MOSSAD controlled disinformation campaign.

Hicks had left public life at his "death" and began being retrained to be someone else. The first thing he went through was rehab to stop drinking and doing drugs. Illuminati mind programmers have likely burried much of Jones' former life as Hicks, perhaps to keep him from reverting back to this path. Hicks finally emerged as Jones in 1996 with the creation of Austin-based Stratfor, a Zionist company that attempts to claim it offers explanations of world events when in fact it's the version of controlled information that Israeli intelligence is comfrotable with the public having, which is exactly what Jones' show is.

On December 31, 1999, Jones attempted to claim that the United States was being attacked by Russia. On September 11, 2001, William Cooper said to not follow Alex Jones because he was paid disinformation. Cooper was killed less than two months later.

Bill Hicks is nothing short of the greatest actor of all time, but with assistance from the Luciferian CIA of course. It is bittersweet for me but scripture tells us not to love the things that are of this world, of which Bill Hicks and his comedy are a part of. So to Bill/Alex, I say good luck. To Israel, I say nice try.