So as I stay active on the Twitter-front for news that is obviously fabricated for the disadvantage of humankind, I constantly come across people who are massivly misinformed about what a real conspiracy theorist believes. There's so much out there as far as inaccuracies and intentional disinformation, that it's hard for someone to even really gather what it is that a real conspiracy theorist believes.

So let me hold you back no further. Here's the interview.

Q: So thanks for sitting down and addressing questions. What would you first say to people who think you're a nutjob?

A: You're going to get that. It doesn't really bother me because of the fact I believe in what it is that I know. If you're confident in anything, it's going to show.

Q: And what exactly is it "that you know"?

A: A lot about what is going on that isn't talked about on the news. You'd think things like this would be on the news, but then you realize that "they" control the news and you begin to understand why not.

Q: So you're one of those, "everything is a part of it" kind of people? Do you think that's a little bit too paranoid and maybe even takes away from your cause?

A: Not at all. I think people say what you just said about "everything being a part of it" because they only think of how plans are immediately put together. This plan has been going on for hundreds of years, through the generations. When you say "everything is a part of it," it sounds silly because you can't just get every aspect of life to be on the same page of the same plan at the same time. But you can get everyone to be on a different page of the same plan at the same time, when you put elements of your plan in over a really long time, generations. That way tons of things work in unison for the same goal but have no idea that they're working together.

Q: What kind of goal?

A: The main goal is the same one that has been going on since the devil (which most people have successfully been convinced is fake) and the fallen angels fell to earth...New World Order.

Q: What is New World Order and how are you even certain it's going on?

A: New World Order is the plan to institute a world government under the rule of a single dictator, while a signifigantly reduced population lives a terrible conditions with an authoritative Communist-style government. Some people when they hear the idea about "NWO," they say, "Well what's so bad about world government?" And those people don't realize that world government isn't a good thing, it's a very dangerous thing where people who believe in the Doctrine of Lucifer will be the ones running it.  That's the funny part of this, if you want to call it that; whether you're a devout Protestant Christian or a complete atheist, the people in charge and about to take the helm here all believe in Lucifer.

Q: You said the "Doctrine of Lucifer?" Is that real, or just some ideal you came up with?

A: Nope, it's a real thing. It's actually referenced directly in a letter that Albert Pike (leader of Freemasonry) sent to the leader of the mafia in 1871. He said that after all of the three world wars that he accuratetly predicted that the Doctrine of Lucifer would be unveiled finally for the public to see. 

Q: He predicted all three of the world wars? There's only been two. How did he do that?

A: He said that the first one would be fought between orthodox Russia and countries under Illuminati control, essentially to insert central banks into Russia. That's exactly what happened. He said the second world war would be fought against Naziism, for the general purpose of it's bilateral promotion of socialism and fascism. There's a lot of things you can say were a product of World War II, but those ideal exploding worldwide was certainly one of them. Then he said that the third world war would be fought between political Zionism and the Muslim world. He said they would fight to be point that they exhaust each other, and that afterward the Muslims and Christians will have nearly been wiped out, and at that point he'd introduce that Doctrine of Lucifer.

Q: You mentioned the media earlier. What makes you think that the media is "in" on what is happening?

A: Media is totally complicit because everyone that works in the media are all on the same page.

Q: Did they all have a meeting and decide they were just going to support the Illuminati?

A: No. Media control is maintained by Zionist Israel. It's exaplined very clearly in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion how to infiltrate media and keep news under the pre-approved control of MOSSAD, who is Israel's CIA for people who don't know.

Q: That sounds terribly anti-Semitic. Are you opposed to Jews?

A: Absolutely not. ADL ideaology has been around for over a hundred years. Their goal is to reinforce the idea that any criticism of Israel is an attack on Jewish people. That's simply absurd. You can disagree with people politically without thinking they're bad people. But the ADL tries desperately to mix the two. The guy who started the Zionist movement is even quoted from his own diary as saying that the false accusations of anti-Semitism will help further their agenda. I mean I'm sorry but we live in a day that information isn't hidden anymore. Sorry, but to answer your question, no I'm not opposed to any Jews as people. But I am opposed to a government who is clearly tyrannical, that also happens to be Jewish. That's not anti-Semitic, period.

Q: Are the Jews a part of the New World Order plan?

A: I mean they are a part of it, but by no means the inventors or sole propriators of it. New World Order is a Luciferian or Catholic plan. Zionism participates in the plan but not the same way that the Catholic Church does. They set up Israel, or the same guy who's the "father of Zionism" Theodor Herzl went to Rome and asked Pope Pius for the land.

Q: So, Catholics are the ones in charge? Or is it the Jews? You realize how absurd this all sounds, rigtht?

A: No one is "in charge" except God. Period. He allows the devil or Satan or Lucifer to function within God's constraints in order to fulfill prophecy in the Holy Bible. Any group participating is being used in Lucifer's plan. Zionism is being used to help fulfill NWO goals, but because they were set up to do so by Catholics in the early 1900's, likely earlier. But if you want to talk about "in charge" as an individual, you'd have to talk about the Rothschild family. Currently it's Evelyn de Rothschild as the family leader, but it's clear David is being groomed for success as well. And absurd? Yeah I realize how absurd it sounds but I also know how absurd it is, because it's real. People don't generally want to accept these things, that's not my issue. I don't get off on being perceived as mainstream for professional or personal purposes. I care about things that are true, regardless of people finding them offensive or unable to come to terms with them.

Q: Well that's all the time I have for now. I do have several more questions. Maybe we can do a second part sometime soon?

A: I'm here. Thanks.

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