Iraqi children are scared for their lives as American troops entered the city of Baghdad in 2003 and fired on anyone. Over 500,000 civilians were killed in Iraq by brainwashed troops serving Lucifer, god of the Freemasons.

War on Terror is the propaganda name for the third phase of Albert Pike's letter to Guiseppe Mazzini on August 15, 1871 that describes achieving One World Government by exhasting Zionist Israel and the Muslim or Islamic world in battle. It is after this war reaches a point of complete global econimic collapse that the Catholic Church authorizes Zionist Israel to introduce the False Prophet as described in the Holy Bible, most commonly at present believed to be Maitreya.

Benjamin EmanuelEdit

Rahm Emanuel's father, he is referred to as the godfather of terror as he was instrumental in planning the attack on the King David Hotel.

Bill Clinton's Taliban DealEdit

Luciferian and former U.S. President Bill Clinton made a deal with the Taliban to guard CIA poppey fields in Afghanistan. After defecting from the original deal and keeping more money than they were originally entitled, the Taliban began to gain power by cornering the world's heroin supply.

September 11 Israel AttackEdit

Well documented

Reseizing Poppey FieldsEdit

Boy is the taliban in for it. People on the U.S. news said they're bad AND the U.S. marines are after them.

Destruction of IraqEdit

Really, really sad.

CIA "Arab Spring" Funded MovementsEdit

Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria elsewhere.