Symbol of Witchcraft, one of the oldest Satanic religions in existence.

Witchcraft is the original Mystery Religion of Babylon that was in rebellion to God. Its powers are given to humans by Lucifer and his fallen angels for the purpose of advancing his agenda, which is currently New World Order through One World Government.

Witchcraft, or simply "The Craft" as it's often referred to, is the religion of modern Freemasonry. They both worthip Lucifer as their god, although Witchcraft in particular observe the goddess Diana as the most high being.

Despite what is drilled into those involved in Witchcraft, anyone can get out and be saved. Although bounties are placed on the heads of those who defect, the power of the protection that comes from God is much stronger.

The Necronomicon is the book in the most high regard in Withcraft. It sets up the coming of the False Prophet to those who believe its contents.